Established in 6th February, 2011, Prava Raman Foundation is formed with the major objective of working towards the paths of nation building. As we believe that nation building is not possible without the capacity building and empowerment of each individual citizen, we focus our major activities on capacity building of individuals, group, community, society and other organizational units as well. Individuals to develop themselves should know about the development and participate in it. Prava Raman Foundation helps in becoming Sensitized Pro-active Citizens.

As for our logo, it is specially designed to convey profound message within it. The colours used in it are blue to signify peace and red to signify change in the life of people. We can see a bee and two flowers in the logo, the bees apart from having only 1 million brain cells, are devoted to maintain their hives and work perfectly in a group, why are we human who have far more brain cells not able to do so? Also as flowers provide beauty and spread smiles, we believe that all individuals should make contribution as much as they can to provide beauty and spread smile in other’s life.


It’s a usual trend that people establish foundations in the names of relatives or personalities who are not present among us physically in this world. Breaking the trend, Prava Raman Foundation was established by a young couple Prava and Raman, as they believe that they have to do a lot for nation building, so why not to start the noble initiative in their name where they can themselves put their lively efforts.

The other reason to choose the name PR ( Public Relation) is that to work for developing good relation and communication among individual citizen of Nepal, which will not only flourish their daily lives but also will be an effective base for other activities directed towards national building.


The PRF outlines the activities mainly focused to provide leadership education and capacity building of individuals, group, and organizations which directly and indirectly becomes the medium for nation building. Our mission is to build a base to open a national leadership school—School of Leadership, In Nepali >Netrito-Sikchyalaya.

PR Foundation is a place to practice modern meditation. It primarily focuses on the present day living with a peaceful environment.

PR Foundation dedicates its activities to form ‘Our Home’. Our Home is committed to those people in need and who seek our help, so as to take them together along us, help them in capacity building and sustaining their life in a better manner. It is the centre for informal/life skill education for them and provide favorable environment to lead the life of own.


  1. Capacity building trainings:

As for our mission Nation Building, PR Foundation has been organizing different capacity building trainings to individuals, groups, organizations and different communities, as for our need based programme (wherever we feel that it is important to organize) or on their request so as to facilitate their trainings and workshops.

  1. 0% waste practice and 100% recycle:

Waste management has become a big problem in Kathmandu, where people have tendency to blame the system for not being responsible. We believe rather than doing so if we focus on adhering with 0% waste practice and 100% recycle of the things that are no more in use.

As Mahatma Gandhi Says-“Be the change you want to see in the world.” We have practiced 0% waste and 100% recycle in our own office environment. Right from the shoes we used to wear which has now changed into a creative flower pot, we recycle every possible thing in a useful manner. We also have practiced making vermin compost out of the kitchen waste, make cushions out of useless inner-wears, and so much more. We prefer not to use no-degradable plastics at all and encourage people to do so as well.

We also believe in sharing the techniques of 0% waste and 100% recycle among others so that we can have maximum utilization of resources, less waste and clean environment.

  1. Youth Green Circle

As a sensible being, we know that it is not just our responsibility but our need to become environment friendly so that we can live a healthy life and leave a healthy earth for our future generation. We know that papers are made out of trees, so we believe that as much papers we use much trees are being cut. In such case we encourage people to use less paper. We also have a long term planning of making our office environment paper free and have started using least paper as much as possible.

Youth Green Circle is one of our programmes that is centered towards the management of used paper, their collection from different places, and recycle them to gain productive objects or sell them to the companies that produces recycled objects. The whole idea is to promote greenery and have “Clean life and Green Environment.” The other activities enrolled in this programme are to promote healthy environmental practices in offices and also use them as positive models for the rest of the areas and empower public and private sector, along with the youth, to protect the environment and make a difference wherever and whenever possible.

  1. 4.      Edu-teen:

Edu-teen is one of the youth girl oriented programme of PR Foundation, where we facilitate youth girls running in their teen so as to empower them and make them able to understand and cope up with different changes physically, mentally, in their role in the family, how the society looks up to them, their present situation and their related future.

As teen age is a very crucial and delicate age, youths go through different conditions which raise various questions in them. Moreover, it is considered to be indiscipline to talk about these physical questions with the elder members and they have no one to share their feeling with. Also in this age they get involved in emotional attachment with opposite sex which is very natural but also a social stigma. In all these confusion, many times young girls fall in an unmanageable condition, have no one to talk with which may hamper their entire life.

Hence, edu-teen is a medium where they can find answers to those questions and then invest their energy and creativity for a prosperous, successful and happy future.

  1. 5.      Team Bagmati:

Team Bagmati is our effort to keep Kathmandu and Nepal clean and healthy so as to ultimately create healthier environment for people living here. We believe that to clean Kathmandu, we first have to clean Bagmati, which can be done by simply following the 11 below given steps:

  1. Let’s learn to love nature and teach others to do so as well.
  2. Let’s be honest to whatever we do- there plenty time even today.
  3. Let’s love Bagmati and our Environment as much as we love our mother.
  4. Let’s not mix sewage in Bagmati, let’s not throw waste in Bagmati, and let’s not takeover its land.
  5. Let’s keep it clean and beautiful, full of greenery, birds, flowers and plants around.
  6. Let’s save our heritage: Work and Creation
  7. Let’s use cotton bags and prohibit the use of plastic bags.
  8. Let’s reuse and recycle metals and papers.
  9.  Let’s produce fertilizer out of kitchen waste and use it in vegetable plantation.
  10. Let’s focus on exercise, meditation and yoga; remain healthy and peaceful citizen.
  11. Let’s make our profession and life an inspiration for others, a satisfying and appreciable life to remember.

We Have:

  • Films and documentaries on Bagmati.
  • Articles, books, and various creations on Bagmati. (v08 sfJo )
  • Various articles, essays, poems, pictures, sayings and dramas by students on Bagmati conservation.
  • Collection of various creations, writings and articles and professional pictures
  • 7 years of working experience, networking and youth friends.
  • Systematic planning on cleaning Bagmati and Kathmandu.
  • Working at its level best and with all effort: “Team Bagmati”


  1. 6.      3rd Inning

It is the universal fact that everybody gets old with time. Along with the increasing age, our physical strength decreases and thus we reach an age when we retire from our active working life with lots of experience from the entire life we lived till now and the works we have done till now. Along with the retirement, one also gets a lot of free time and as very few people have the plan to execute after retirement, the remaining becomes the victim of frustration, loneliness, ignorance and emotional burdens.

Keeping in mind that the people who are old are well equipped with best experience and are the most valuable asset and encyclopedia for us to go forward in paths of nation building, PR foundation thus have introduced a retreat programme for these people, not only providing them platform to get recharged and refresh themselves, but also a place to share their experience and life learning, think about the remaining time fruitfully, plan and execute so as to live happily and wave goodbye happily as well.

Activities Accomplished:

PR Foundation in its one year of working days has accomplished various activities so as to achieve its objectives, which can be briefly listed as follows:

  1. One major modern meditation camp and various other such camps.
  2. Two musical concerts, one in Pokhara( profit was dedicated to provide computers to deaf and dumb friends) and the other in Kathmandu( profit was dedicated for educational support of intellectually challenged friends)
  3. Training of Trainers in Bhotekoshi river along with rafting
  4. Various leadership and capacity building trainings for youths and students
  5. Couple retreat and family retreat programs.
  6. Coordination with various likeminded organizations to walk and grow together being of maximum benefit to the people in need.

We are determined to put our steps forward in the path of Nation Development effectively in the further coming years along with the activities designed. PR Foundation seeks helping hands from its well-wishers, friends from national and international sectors. The contribution to the foundation becomes necessary in order to conduct a program and make it successful. Thus we have following ways to generate fund for the organization:

–          Membership fees

–          Charity program in the name of person or organization

–          Contribution in the memories of past lives

–          Exhibition / Concert / Training / Workshop

PR Foundation welcomes new ideas for some more possibilities to explore in the world of social service along with personality development, attitude building and leadership skills development programs.

“Capable and pro-active individuals ultimately lead towards development and prosperity of the nation” – PR Foundation

Prava~Raman Foundation
015536029, Kupondole ~ Nepal

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