Couple Retreat_Together Forever

Program : Couple Retreat

Venue : Dhulikhel Village Resort, Kavre, Nepal

Date : 4th and 5th May 2012

Highlights of the Program:

  • Know each couple better by describing likes and dislikes
  • Share about life what it really means
  • Couple Games to learn trust, love, care, understanding and timing.
  • Heart touching and peaceful environment
  • Sharing about the future plans
  • Exchange gifts and title awards to couple like ‘creative in love’, ‘Pro-active in love’,’ Stongest all rounder’, ‘Amazing in partnership’

Celebration of 1st Anniversary Of PR Foundation Nepal

On the occasion of 1st Anniversary of Prava Raman Foundation, 3rd Anniversary of Team Nodan International and rice feeding day of Pragati, a grand celebration was organized in Summit Hotel, Kupondole, on 5th Baisakh, 2069.


  • To celebrate 1st anniversary of Prava Raman Foundation and 3rd Anniversary of Team Nodan International.
  • To celebrate rice feeding day of Pragati.
  • To update the activities and reports of Prava Raman Foundation and Team Nodan International to the members and guest present.
  • To introduce the new board members of P.R. Foundation.

Activities in Detail:

The programme started at 6pm when guests including the creator of National Anthem: Byakul Maila and other various personalities arrived in the venue. Along with the glass of juice served, the programme formally started when Resika K.C. delivered her welcome speech and gave a brief introduction about Prava Raman Foundation.  The stage was then handed over to Dibit Aryal, who provided introduction of Team Nodan International and its activities. After that, Mr. Raman Nepali, along with his inspiring words and experience, presented the photo slides and video of his marriage ceremony.

At about 7 pm, the book “Mal Payera Pani Chal Napayeka Mitra Lai Patra” written by Raman Nepali was formally launched by his father, Rishi Ram Bhattrai and his mother Cheena Maya Bhattrai which was followed by their speech on his childhood days and his way of living.  Finally the floor was open for all the guests for their encouraging words, among them were Mr. Yogendra Khatiwada, Mr. Indra Rai and others who wished good lucks and success.

The formal programme there after ended and the guests headed towards rice feeding ceremony of Pragati as well as to write their wishes on the Red Book. As the evening went deeper the guests were busy having dinner and informal chats.

The programme was successfully accomplished with a vision that led Prava Raman Foundation towards paths of Nation Building and achieving its objective efficiently.

Mitra Lai Patra (Letter to a Friend) – a must read book

Highlights of the book (Why this book is written)

  • To those who ignores what he/she posses
  • To those who do not use own rights
  • To those who do not utilize opportunity they have
  • To those who do not learn as a student
  • To those who do not work even being a government staff
  • To businessmen who do not work in a healthy manner
  • To those who are working in NGOs and INGOs
  • To teachers as well as housewives
  • Inform to utilize what we have and what we can do
  • The book also contains about the life experiences and time management.

Fund Raising Concert for Blind _Pokhara at Sabha Griha

Highlights of the Program:

  • Fund Raising for computer education to blind students
  • Computer handover by parents of Raman Nepali
  • Raman Nepali singing songs by Jhalak Man Gandharba and Dharma Raj Thapa

Concert to support mentally challenged children

“Raman in Concert ” once again to support mentally challenged children of age 11 to 15 years old. The program is scheduled on Tuesday-on the eve of Dashain festival at Yela Maya Kendra, Patan Dhoka starts from 6 P.M onwards. It is a free concert as your general presence is valued more with kind contribution. Hope you enjoy the show.

Raman in Concert :Dhuru Dhuru Narou Aama……”

Dhuru Dhuru Narau Aama ……………

Raman in Concert is successfully conducted with praises and good wishes.

Highlights of the program:

  • Dedication to the creations and its creators (lyricists, singers and musicians)
  • Motivation to the experienced personalities
  • Help nationalism  and nation building
  • Fund raising for the mentally challenged people
  • Working with Uttam Ale, Ramesh Subedi and Sunil


Meditation Camp in Everest English School _ Bhaktapur

Highlights of Meditation camp 

  • We need healthy happy citizen –student, parents to build the nation
  • Exercise makes healthy life
  • Yoga, meditation is compulsory in education
  • Yoga and meditation camp to doctors, students, parents and youth is the attractive fund raising medium
  • Help to fund raising program to differently able  blind students of Jumla